A Slight Detour

I had plans today. First, I was going to write before I did anything else. No coffee, no computer, no chores, no television. I would have a quiet morning by myself, writing a thoughtful blog about magical thinking and spirit. Next, I’d tackle the ironing and vacuuming and dishes. The bathrooms would have to wait until tomorrow. A plan.

What I did instead was convince myself that checking on my dragons (yes, dragons) wasn’t much of a deviation from my plan, since it would only take a moment to send them all out to collect more fish and wood. It’s not like I was going to sit there playing the game. (I admit my granddaughter got me hooked on DreamWork’s Dragons: Rise of Berk. She’s six. I’m not.) I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the rest: Dragons led to email, led to Facebook, led to television. Coffee and breakfast came along for the ride.

Still, the day wasn’t lost. I could have recovered, but my daughter got sick and needed someone to help watch the wee Dragon Trainer. I was still able to do the dishes and a bit of cleaning, but writing was out. Now it’s supper time, and I’m tired. I don’t want to think about anything more interesting than the episodes of Chopped sitting on the DVR, but I don’t want to let myself use any of that as an excuse to skip a day of writing.

I took a slight detour today from my plans. I spent most of the afternoon being six. That works for me.


I hope one day to grow five feet,
And fifty little toes
An extra arm, a dozen ears
And rows and rows of nose.

I’ll sprout four hundred eyeballs
That will circle ’round my face,
And my fourteen extra cheekbones
Will hold them all in place.

Seven extra legs will pop out
Straight from new-grown hips,
While seven hundred teeth can hide
Behind my forty lips.

I hope one day to grow five feet,
It’s not too much at all.
And it’s extra nice to think of
When I’m tired of being small.