We’re expecting a huge snowstorm tonight. It’s cold enough here that the snow should be on the lighter, drier side. That’s great for shoveling, but not as fun for playing. When our kids were little, instead of making snowmen, we used to make snowdragons. I’d like to try it with our granddaughter one of these days.


Snowdragons caper across covered lawns.
Icicles cling to the windows at dawn.
Wind shakes the tree branches, scattering snow.
Critters all search for warm places to go.

They dance and they tumble with cold and wet faces,
Leaving sleigh tracks and footprints in all the best places.
Exhausted by nightfall they listen for mom
Calling them in to dry off and get warm.

Snowy boots and chill jackets peeled off in the hall,
Ski pants and mittens and hats they let fall,
Then they tromp in together on bare little feet,
Snowdragon children all wanting to eat.


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