Blizz’d Out

I wasn’t going to write today. I gave myself a pass, since I had to spend hours digging out from the storm. What changed my mind? The cat.

She gets anxious when I’m out of the house, even if she can see me (she watches me from the windows when I’m in the yard). As soon as I sat down after shoveling, she hopped onto my lap and settled herself in for a nice nap. Typical cat behavior, yes, but it made me think. She could have napped anywhere and met her physical needs. Her wanting to be on me went beyond the physical. She was taking care of her emotional needs, soothing her anxiety.

Recently I’ve made progress with taking better care of my own physical needs. I had done well today with the storm. My husband made me promise last night that I wouldn’t go out to shovel by myself this morning. I usually can’t help myself: if there’s snow and I’m awake, I’ll be the first one outside. Today, I waited. Later, when the storm had finally passed and we went out for round two, I listened to my body and quit when I started feeling a bit sick. For me, that’s progress.

What does this have to do with writing a blog? Writing has always been a way I’ve taken care of my emotional needs, but I started blogging as a way to take care of another part of myself. I made the commitment to write (and post) something daily, because I believed that would honor my spirit. It would help me focus and give me a reason to write.

There will be times when I can’t write or post. Today wasn’t one of those days.