For My (unmitigated) Valentine


When we met the sun was shining
And the birds all sang with glee
We had finally found each other
Walking there among the trees
Holding hands we made a promise
As the clouds came rolling by
Give us sickness, give us poorer
We’ll survive

Now we dance when it is storming
And the thunder is our song
When the lightning doesn’t hit us
It just helps us move along
Holding tight onto each other
With each swirling spin we glide
Past the raindrops, past the cloud bursts
Through the skies

On the wind we hear the music
That old thunder singing on
There’s no stopping us from
Dancing our way through another storm
Even when the wind is biting
There’s no wish to go alone
We’ll dance each storm together
Going home
And we’ll sing with all the thunder
We’ll get home