March ….

I’m happy February is gone. I am. This year it felt like three months of winter rolled into one. March brings a brighter sun, longer days, slowly shrinking snowbanks. It’s good, right? For the most part.

March is my private Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s the month that things typically fall apart. Depression and migraines are worse. Fragile family members break down. Stuff just happens. I’ve been waking up in the wee hours of the morning unable to escape that feeling of dread and anxiety, that sense that everything is wrong.

It’s not. It’s just another March.

Unlike February, I’m not going to hold myself to one theme for the month, so I might not write about madness every day. I do want to talk about it though, because these monsters need to be dragged out into the sunshine, and I’ve got a lot of them.


Demons sing their lullabies
To troubled minds.
Hush, strident voices,
Can’t you hear
The lilting tones-
The haunting melodies-
Don’t speak!
You break the spell they seek
To cast at my request.
My eyes shut tight
Against the light
Crave darkness pure,
Wave of darkness breaks upon me
A gentle soothing-
A fragile covering-
Don’t breathe!