Come closer, whispers Madness,
From the darkness of my mind
Like a lover’s breath upon my cheek,
He softly moving intertwines
Our bodies become one. He takes my soul,
Stretched to places never seen by
Flashing eyes in daylight dreams.

I cannot run.
Too close He stays, He’s always by my side.
In waking hours I hear His voice so smooth
It glides in melting past my fears–

I’ve ravished aunts and uncles, brothers too,
And many more, then left them shattered
Screaming broken, littering the floor.
But you! You’re young and beautiful,
There’s much for me to feast on.
You are mine.

Bright eyes and ready smile, laughter bonding 
you to life,
Twisted now shrill laughter fills your life,
Shouting out obscenities at rescuers in white
Who come to silence all the crying voices
in the night.
Still will I own you.

Whispers fading, echoes lingering remain.
I feel them tug my finger tips then race along
my veins,
A fever meant to thrill me, like a sigh
With promises of excitation
Better than a lover can provide.

He wants my mind.