Sometimes This Happens

Waiting for words
Waiting for rhymes
Waiting to write again
Time after time
Waiting for stories
Waiting for songs
Waiting for poems
To just come along
Waiting and wondering
Hoping to find
Words I can write
From an uncluttered mind

I’m not prepared today. Blame yesterday. I did. I used St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to eat pretzels and cookies, drink a glass of wine, avoid life. I was antsy—my mind was antsy—all day, so I didn’t write. I fidgeted and did bursts of chores. I ironed seven shirts for my husband. I cooked five pounds of potatoes. It was that kind of day.
I didn’t sit myself down and write. I didn’t even try. I felt anxious and unsettled all day with a dollop of depression thrown in just for fun. The best part of the day was the evening. I watched My Little Pony episodes on Netflix with my granddaughter. We ate green chocolate chip cookies and drank herbal tea. At some point, I calmed down. Maybe it was the cookies, maybe the ponies. There’s magic in both.


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