When the Time Comes


You see walls, I see a window
You see sorrow, I see light
Love is waiting in the meadow
Where the sun is shining bright
I will go with it rejoicing
I will sing a thousand songs
You see walls, I see a window
You see night, I see the dawn
Step aside, you can’t come with me
Though you hold me here awhile
Dry your tears and listen closely
Try to hear me, see my smile
I don’t fear the coming journey
I don’t wish that I could stay
I have loved each moment with you
Now it’s time to walk away
Know our love will last forever
Know we’ll meet again, and so
Let our memories now hold us
Closer even as I go
You see walls, I see the window
Open wide now to the breeze
To the breath of life becoming
To the waking reveries
See the wall, now see the window
Watch my spirit taking flight
Let the light dissolve your sorrow
Let the dawn push back your night