At Least It’s Cozy


Edge of nest, small branch, then sky
I look around, I dare not fly
The others near cling fast as well
The sky calls out, the sunshine yells
I look around, I dare not fly
I let the moment pass me by

The others near build nests I see
None have dared to leave the tree
They cling and hop and chirp but stay
They never dared to fly away

Edge of nest, thin branch, and sky
I stretch a wing, pull back and sigh
I wish that one would come along
To show me wings outstretched and strong
To tell me that I too belong

To those who fly, who soar and glide
To those who don’t need nests to hide
To those who’ve found the forest green
And seen the wonders to be seen

For now I settle back and rest
Still safe here in my little nest
I see the edge, the branch, the sky
And wonder will I ever fly


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