Dream Seller


I am the dream seller, day spinner, night twister
Calling out offers, I tempt you to play.
Give me your dreams and I’ll package them gladly,
Give me your lifetime, I’ll sell you one day.

I am creator of mind-numbing bargains.
Illusion, my magic, will sweep you away.
You can have more than you ever dared hope for,
Live high with no fear that tomorrow you’ll pay.

For I can prevent all tomorrows from dawning,
I dazzle your eyes so you’re blind to the scene.
Live life to the fullest like all those around you.
Don’t heed the doomsayers, it’s not just a dream.

By the time your world crashes your dust will be scattered,
Leave to your children a legacy strong.
Don’t worry–your credit is good with the demons
Who bought you: your children were theirs all along.