I Can Dream, Can’t I?


Dream me a dream
Of a life far from this
Where the colors are deep
And the gentlest kiss
Can free the bound heart
And warm the cold mind
Where souls leave the
You and the I far behind

Dream me a dream
Of a life without fear
Where mirth transcends hate
And the weak are held dear
Where all dance as one
Faces turned to the sky
Where I become You
And You become I

Dream me a dream
Of a life made of song
Where the melody carries
Each story along
As the rhythms of laughter
With each pulsing tone
Tell the loneliest heart
That it’s never alone

Dream me this dream
Make it clear as the day
Wrap the waking inside it
Entreat them to stay
Hide the I and the You
Hide the Them and the They
Till We can awaken
And greet the new day