Feeling cynical, must be Tuesday


Cast your runes
And deal your cards,
While I sip my tea,
Trying not to spill
A drop on your lace,
Or knock your crystal
Ball to the floor.
Tell me what ghost
Stands behind me,
Above me, below me.
Call out my family
Alphabet and let
Me guess their names
One at a time.
For twenty dollars more,
Tell me I’m forgiven
And say they’re all at peace,
With the family dog
I never knew, wagging
His tail at their feet.
Leave me with a mystery
I’ll solve later,
When I can fill the gaps
With something that fits.
I’ll call you for
Another round
When you’re back from
Your family vacation
And need the cash.
You can tell me then
They didn’t feel a thing,
They approve of my choices,
And they all look young again.