Sing it, Sister


Full moon tugging your heartstrings,
Making your moods swing,
Howling like a lost dog on the street.
No shelter from crazy,
Your thinking’s all hazy,
And I look just like every ghost you meet.
But I’m no phantom from the night,
I’m not the wrong you can’t get right.
You’ll wake up soon, and baby then you’ll see—
You can’t blame the moon for me.

They tell you it’s a temporary state.
Hang on tight, you’re close. It’s not too late.
You’ll reach the safety of a port real soon,
But, babe, you can’t blame me on the moon.

I’m the force that’s pulling on your tides,
You’ll see you’re the reason that I’ve come to be
Like a god of nature, pray I’ll hear your tune,
But, baby, don’t blame me on the moon.

I’m the rising of your tides and sea,
When you surrender all, I’ll set you free.
You feel the pull, it’s always been just me.
I’m not some distant moon up in the sky,
Don’t listen to their crazy lazy lies,
Just look right here deep in my eyes and see—
You can’t blame the moon for me.