Monday’s Math


What did I add to the day?
Was I light and laughter,
Making you smile for a moment
Or forget your fear of the dark?
Did I remember to say, at least once,
How much I love you? Did I love you today?
Did I hug or help or carry or simply
Step aside and let you go first?
Or did I cling too tightly to your full arms
Insisting you carry me along with the rest?

Did my noise chase the goldfinches from
The birdbath you keep so clean and fresh?
Did I splatter mud on your favorite shirt,
Stomping puddles made from my own tears and filth?
Did I claim my right to let off steam,
Not caring who got burned?
Or was I calm today and steady,
Merely a reflective pool, the still water
For your meditation? Was I
The freshly ironed shirt before movement
Calls back and sets new wrinkles?
Was I a frozen lake in January sun,
Not flinching as you drove over me?
Was I the laundry already hung to dry,
Swaying, sensuous in the breeze?

What did I add to the day?
A breath? a whisper? a smile? a cry?
Till tomorrow then. Let the night’s
Wind sweep away my mistakes,
And sleep scrub the failures from my mind.
Let’s try this again in the new light
With fresh chalk, and a clean eraser.
What will I add to this day?