I Shall Not Be Moved


I am rock to your water
Unmoved as you crash
Over me, wash over me
Rush by me without care

I am rock unmoved
Solid and reliable
Others navigate your waters
By the sight of me
I offer them rest
Apart from your current
A way to cross safely
To another shore

I am rock unchanged
But not unchanging
Weathered and worn down
By your crashing and rushing
The flow of you taking tiny
Pieces of me wherever you go

I am rock embedded
Bound to you for life
Still rock shaped slowly
In your steady current
Those pieces of me lost
Forever to the rush of you
The crash and the wave
And the near drowning

I am rock to your water
In our stream of life
Our river of tears
Our ocean of pain
But as you slow then dry
To a mere trickle of
Your mighty self
I am still rock
Just a pebble now
Or a grain of sand
But still rock