Life’s a Beach


On and on across the deep
Trough to trough and peak to peak
Rolling with the rising tides
Across the deep the stillness rides

Propelled by moonbeams from on high
Called by silent aching cries
Stillness rides the gallant waves
One mission both to soothe and save

The lost and lonely there on shore
Not knowing what their lives are for
Hear only their own cries within
The silent screams that tear their skin

So tortured they that wait by sea
With dying hearts their agony
Not knowing others suffer near
The screaming only they can hear

But fast comes stillness rolling in
A soothing wave, a saving wind
To lift and heal the wounded hearts
That life and love have torn apart

Through gaps and gashes stillness streams
Becalming thoughts, restoring dreams
Reminding broken souls to breathe
Each breath a moment of reprieve

On and on within the deep
Breath by breath and sleep by sleep
Pulsing with a peace so bold
Within the deep the stillness holds