I’ll Try Anything


Look, they said, to eastern sky,
Note the planets floating by.
What spins near sun? What holds the moon?
Watch! You’ll find the answers soon.

Where in heaven sat the Earth
At the moment of your birth?
What stellar snapshot marks the day
Your brand new soul awoke to play?

Did planets cluster, gathered near,
Or were they scattered, leaving clear
Great expanses ‘round your bed?
What stars were dancing overhead?

Trace your circle, squint and stare,
All the information’s there.
Understand your hidden soul
Through starlit glyphs that rock and roll.

Tensions build, the aspects show,
Tugging on us here below.
Some planets rule, while others hide.
In retrograde they slip and slide,

But still they make their presence known,
More subtle, yet still there in tone.
The sun, the moon, the rising sign,
Conjoining planets all align,

With some squared off, and some opposed,
Each angle open wide or closed,
Cosmic dancers on a stage
Defining lives from age to age.

And so I search the heavens too
For insight into all I do,
The interplay of mask and role,
The psychic drive that fuels my soul.

I search the heavens asking why
I am this me, so answers Sky:
Decode the myths, set stories free,
Embrace the night’s psychology.