Two For One


I planted seeds
Not good enough
The rain god spat
Turning his face from my field

I bought goats
Not good enough
The grain god sneered
Turning his face from my herd

I wove cloth
Not good enough
The hearth god growled
Turning his face from my loom

I approached the altar
With empty hands
Ah, it is good
The love god smiled
Laying me down on the coals


I planted seeds that failed to grow
And other crops forgot to sow.
My water fell on thirsty weeds
That blocked the sun from tiny seeds.

My goats are thin, a sorry sight,
The chickens vanished in the night.
Moths destroyed the rugs I braided,
Sheep and cows by wolves were raided.

All I touch is dust and ash,
I’ve nothing left, no goods, no cash,
No sacrifice, no offering,
No dance to dance, no song to sing.

I near the altar bowing low
Awaiting death, God’s final blow.
Instead I’m met with just a wink,
A hint that life’s not what I think.