If You Can


Lie awake, dear children,
Don’t you dare shut out the night.
Keep your spirit burning brightly,
Let your fantasies ignite
Dormant passions from their slumbers,
All those hibernating dreams.
Pull them out into the darkness
Where the truth is as it seems.

Face the demons; they won’t bite you,
As you lie there open-eyed.
If they never catch you sleeping,
They can never override
The will of your own spirit
Locked inside your tired heart.
It’s the beat of life, the breath
Of love, that gives each day its start.

So stay awake, dear children,
Don’t nod off to wait the day.
Let your nightmares dance around you;
Bid your fears come out and play.
Know the darkness cannot blind you,
Though you long to close your eyes.
Stay awake and face the shadows;
Don’t accept their compromise.
Stay awake! The night is nothing
But the day in deep disguise.