It’s Been a Long Day


Fast and far, the night, the star,
The stark, the starving strive.
Find the thread, unravel all
The stories, all the lies.

You never feel the ground shake,
But you see
The cracks form on the walls,
The shattered glass,
The splintered trees.

Feast alone and pile high your plate;
Drink the vat of wine before your
Heart says it’s too late.
Stuff your gold in pillows for your bed,
Hug the diamonds closer, seal your coffin
Made of lead.

Late unto the dance, you miss the flame.
The fire’s out, the stars have died,
Forgotten lies your name,
Swept up in the morning with the dust.
You hoarded wealth, you courted praise,
You entertained your lust.

Away into the darkness sink ye down,
Heart of stone and blood drained, lifeless soul,
You’ve been around—
Feasting, fast, the fasting fare less well.
You won the game, but no one’s left to tell.

So sink into your grave, there rest in peace—
Your time is done, be thankful for release.
What’s yours you leave to feed
The stronger beasts.