There’s Still Time


Glass half-full set down before me,
Streaming sand, a growing mound
Measures out my life remaining,
Null of feeling, void of sound.
Watch the space grow ever slightly.
Grains fall lightly through the glass.
Count each microscopic crystal;
Cherish every memory past.

Here I balance, caught at midday
Watching close the noontime sky,
Catching falling sand to savor
Every second till I die.
Glass half-full, or now half-empty—
Measure each so carefully.
What life is left? What’s worth the living?
Count your sorrow; weigh your glee.

Each soul as a portal opens,
Linking heaven to this earth.
Time flows through each human tunnel,
Stretching back from death to birth.
Shifting sands collapse as time twists,
Memories are buried fast.
Closing eyes, I slide along
The surface of my half-filled glass.