Been There Too Many Times


I can’t follow you to the edge
Again, stop you from jumping.
You say if my love were stronger—
But weak or strong, it’s not my love
That put you there.
It’s not my love that holds you here.
Love doesn’t force you to edges.
Face your fear for once on your own—
You know how I feel about heights.
I’ll tie a rope to a tree,
But you’ll have to catch it.
So catch it, please, and let
The trunk and roots anchor you.
Find the strength in your own arms.
Pull yourself back to me.
I haven’t left you. I’m here,
Keeping a safe distance, standing
In love. But I won’t join you—
Not on the edge, where you dangle
One foot, while checking my face
For fear. I won’t play this game
Of chicken with your life.
Grab the rope. Join me at the tree,
Letting your fear fall away.
Together we’ll dig its grave
And mark its passing, far from
The edge, standing in love.