Actions Do Speak Louder


Words aren’t enough.
I know that now.
One simple act
Destroys a vow.
Words dissolved,
All meaning fled.
It’s what you did,
Not what you said.

They sounded pretty,
Lying bare,
Starlit promises
But day arrived
With whip and chain
Demanding truth
Be spoken plain.

Words aren’t enough
I learned from you.
Your promises,
Your firm I do
Collapse when you
Feel called to roam.
Broken words can’t
Build a home.

So heart meet head,
And listen clear
Beyond the words,
Above the fear.
Don’t be beguiled
By wit and dreams.
Not every tale is
What it seems.

Release the wish,
The long to hear
Sweet promises
For happy years.
What’s done, not said,
Contains the glue
That binds two hearts.
Just words won’t do.


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