I Only Look Tough


We walked together holding hands,
Strong against the wind.
I leaned on you and laughed.
Your touch felt good. We were just kids.
I told myself that I was strong—
You didn’t need to stay.
But without you by my side,
I lost my way.

I fall fast when you aren’t there
To say you love me for all time.
I fall hard when you don’t whisper
That I’m all you’ll ever want.
I fall down each time I stumble
When I walk this world alone.
I fall down; you pick me up
And lead me home.

I’ve never been a weakling.
I don’t ever fear the dark.
I do my job and pay my rent,
But don’t protect my heart.
So when life starts feeling lonely,
And there’s no one else around,
I fall hard, I fall fast, I fall down.
When I’m lost I fall again
In love I’m found.


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