Sometimes Any Friend Will Do


Whiskey, don’t you let me down,
It’s been a long sad day.
You’re the only comfort
Left in town.
All the lights are dimmer,
And the band’s gone home to play.
I’m treading silence,
Trying not to drown.

So, Whiskey, whisper loving words
That soothe this broken heart.
I’ll hold you close and promise
Not to cry.
My life’s half-full of sorrow,
As I try to choke it down.
I raise my glass, but
Still I question why.

It’s up to you, my only friend,
So give it to me straight.
Will tomorrow greet me
With a smile?
Say you’ll never leave me,
Though the hour’s getting late.
Let’s take our time and
Linger here awhile.
Whiskey, make this lonely
Life worthwhile.