Am I?


am i known
because you see me
am i loved
because you care
am i cherished
ever deeply
am i valued
since i’m rare
is our love
enough to conquer
worldly fears
that fill my head
am i safe
with or without you
am i living
wings outspread

am i more
than i imagine
am i fine
just being me
am i loved
because i care
am i known
because i see
is our love
a mere illusion
and not really
ours to own
am i spirit
on a journey
am i finding
my way home

am i life
to aid the dying
am i love
to ease the pain
am i all
and yet still nothing
am i known
by many names
am i striving
without purpose
fearing death
among the damned
am i all
i’ve ever wanted
am i love
because i am