I Wouldn’t Want to Live There


Welcome to my world.
Hazy skies obscure the view.
There’s more than meets the eye,
There’s more to know,
There’s more to do.
Take my hand and walk awhile
Through the tangled weeds.
Feel the ground beneath you shift.
Confess your darkest needs.

Welcome to my world.
Enjoy the bare terrain.
Sing a verse or two with me,
Or join in the refrain.
Explore the territory spread
Like puzzles at your feet.
My mind’s a maze where
Thoughts of you will twist
But never meet.

I’ll gladly share my vista.
You are welcome to recline.
Join me here at poolside,
Swim like dolphins in my mind.
The water’s deep and chilly.
The air’s too thick to breathe.
I’ll wrap you in warm towels
When you feel it’s time to leave.

Welcome to my world.
Drop by anytime to play.
I get lonely here without you.
Come again when you can stay.