Another Year, Another Memory


memories fall like leaves
that drop with no breeze
yellow, orange, red
they fall away
until all that’s left of
me is trunk and branches
outstretched to catch
the rain
I stand bare before you
my colors stripped away
yellow, orange, red
years blending, changing
once so green
now fading, curling
slowly at first
with the slightest breeze
a sparrows breath
all that’s left of me
drifts away taking you
and all we shared
such beautiful leaves
yellow, orange, red
while I stand bare
and stretch to reach
the rain


I Prefer Dreaming


eyes or heart
heart or eyes
when one opens
the other closes
I see or feel
know or love
observe or live
always or
never and
so I close
my eyes, my heart
opens wide
until waking
harsh light and
hard angles
all illusions
no angels
you are not me
close my eyes
open my heart
to the truth

It’s Not Always Harmonious


Creation sings aloud
Join in if you know the words
Hum along if you don’t
Or dance your dance
To the quiet music
Sung by trees at evening
Listen to the stars
Follow their melody
Stretching across the sky
Sing yourself into being
With each new dawn
Sing yourself into dreaming
With each new moon
Your life is the song
I sing to myself
When no none else is listening
My life is the song you sing
To your children as you
Travel back roads
And crumbling highways
Sing my song as I sing yours
So we will never be forgotten

I’m Often Both Voices


look at this
	the lines are crooked
	the shading’s not right
i drew it myself
	make your blacks blacker
	you need more contrast
i drew it but
it’s not very good
	it needs work but 
	it’s a good start 
i know it sucks
i just felt like drawing
	it’s	not bad
	you should draw more
i don’t know what
i was thinking

Why, Bill Shatner, Why?

What have I done? I sat down to write this morning, alone in the dark with just the Christmas tree lights for cheer, and decided to re-read my latest efforts. I was hoping for inspiration to strike. Instead, as I scanned the lines, I started hearing them read by William Shatner. I couldn’t make it stop! Arrrgh! My subconscious is mocking me. I am a parody of myself.

I give up. It’s Christmas. There will be no writing here today. Or tomorrow, most likely. We celebrated the holiday yesterday with my granddaughter, so today we’ll go to the movies and plan tomorrow’s dinner. It’s just us, no guests, no traveling. It will be a quiet day of reflection and lasagna.

So, Merry Christmas, world. Happy holidays. May the Force be with you. Live long and prosper. God bless us, every one.

As Another Year Nears Its End


I release my past
the guilt and shame
and pain of it
the broken lives
and lost friends
the heavy days that
blurred and passed
before I knew
what they taught

I release my past
the dreams and hopes
and joy of it
the chance meetings
and shy smiles
the new love and
adventures that
blurred and passed
before I knew
what they promised

I release my past
the warp and weft
and weight of it
the bonds and binds
and tethered nows
the smallness
and the sadness
that blur and pass
before I know
what they conceal

When I’m Lost


be light
in the darkness
however small or dim
however ragged your edges
or smokey your flame
be light
in the darkness
shining high above or
lighting only the next step
be light
in the darkness
shine faintly, but shine
there are many here you
cannot see, too afraid
to move, too lost, alone
be light
in their darkness
my darkness
let your faintest light
be my star