I’m Not Always as Depressed as You Think I Am

Once upon a very long time ago, I was accused by concerned family members of writing nothing but dark, depressing, sad poems. This was my answer. I don’t have the little blue dog anymore, my kids are grown, and a cat has replaced my houseplants, but much of it still applies.


Great big smiles, silly jokes
Well-done bacon, runny yokes
Small blue doggy on my bed
Rocking chairs and homemade bread

Softest blankie by my face
Ginger tea, a warm embrace
Turkey dinner, tv shows
Lotioned tissue for my nose

French toast, apples, wooly socks
Baskets filled with lots of rocks
Wooden trunk and books galore
Art supplies, the office store

Fuzzy children fast asleep
Love songs that can make me weep
Music, movies, plants to spare
There’s something happy everywhere


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