True Story


Subtle fascination tugs the
Dangling thread from muse to mind,
Pulls my focus ‘cross the room,
Not knowing it was you I’d find.

Busy with your mad designing,
Never looking once my way,
You didn’t feel the tug of mem’ry
Telling you we’d planned this day.

Love at first sight? Not exactly.
A knowing gone before it came—
That’s the guy I’m gonna marry;
I really should find out his name.

To the rescue, thought flows quickly.
What was that? I couldn’t say.
I’ve no plans to ever marry.
Who is that guy anyway?

Never had I seen you prior.
Common friends we didn’t share.
Still my soul rejoiced that morning,
Recognized you sitting there.

What compelled me, silly child,
To seek out a stranger’s love?
Was our meeting preordained,
Directed somehow from above?

Thirty years ago we married.
Our children are long grown, and yet,
Still we walk this road together,
A journey planned before we met.