Why, Bill Shatner, Why?

What have I done? I sat down to write this morning, alone in the dark with just the Christmas tree lights for cheer, and decided to re-read my latest efforts. I was hoping for inspiration to strike. Instead, as I scanned the lines, I started hearing them read by William Shatner. I couldn’t make it stop! Arrrgh! My subconscious is mocking me. I am a parody of myself.

I give up. It’s Christmas. There will be no writing here today. Or tomorrow, most likely. We celebrated the holiday yesterday with my granddaughter, so today we’ll go to the movies and plan tomorrow’s dinner. It’s just us, no guests, no traveling. It will be a quiet day of reflection and lasagna.

So, Merry Christmas, world. Happy holidays. May the Force be with you. Live long and prosper. God bless us, every one.