One After Another


Cloudy sky at daybreak,
White as far as I can see.
Wind whispers at my window,
Shakes the branches, greets the trees.
Beyond the near horizon there’s
A storm heading my way.
I go about my business,
Pretending I’m okay.

It’s just another morning—
Sun or clouds, it’s all the same.
I’ve weathered other systems
Bringing ice and snow and rain.
The thunder’s cursed it’s loudest,
While the lightening struts and preens.
I ignore their histrionics
And exaggerated scenes.

The gray sky doesn’t scare me,
I don’t need to see the blue.
I know the sun is out there
And there’s nothing I can do.
So I kiss the wind in greeting
And invite the storm inside.
My life’s an open door now
I have nothing left to hide.


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