Feeling a Bit Rusty After a Week-long Migraine


What word we can agree on?
We’ve left like behind—
It’s too thin to hold us.
Love has the strength,
But feels dangerous.
It asks too much too soon,
Promising to last.
Maybe we don’t need
A new word, just you and I,
As we. As us.
Can we agree on that?


If I Wrote Music, This Would Be a Country Song


No lights are on,
And your shades are drawn.
When I’m here you pretend
That you’re not home.
While I wait,
I can feel you
Wishing me away.
I’m here to stay.

You’re the only home
I’ve ever known,
And I’d rather sit here
All alone,
In the dark and cold
With you just a wall away.
It’s still night right now,
But I’ll wait.
It will soon be day.

You can’t shut out
All emotion.
Love and pain are
Here to stay.
We’re still meant to be
So don’t hide your face
Don’t push it all away.
It’s night right now,
But soon it will be day.

How did our love
Go so wrong?
It was strong and deep,
And we got along through
The toughest days and
Coldest nights I’ve known.
You held me close, and
You were my only home.

Why are we such strangers
now? You’re locked inside
Your darkened house,
I know those locks—
I used to be the key.
I know you’re in there
Listening—so please,
Let me in and say you see it too—you’re the only one
for me, and I’m here for you.

You can’t shut out
All emotion.
Love and pain are
Here to stay.
We’re still meant to be
So don’t hide your face
Stop pushing me away.
It’s night right now,
But soon it will be day.

The Days Are Getting Longer


Last year, deep snow
Covered the yard.
Today you see grass,
Dormant still under
The winter sun.
Don’t be fooled—
That ground is
Still frozen.
It will take more
Than melting snow,
Or a passing thaw,
To soften the grip
Of too many winters.
But don’t give up
Hope. Don’t walk away.
Life can be green
Again, and buds
Will grow where
There are only
Thorns. Please, stay
Despite the chill.
Together we’ll welcome
The strong sun,
And the warm rain,
The returning spring.
I’m worth the wait.
We’re worth the chill.

He Didn’t Get It Either

Sometimes I have to admit defeat. I’d like to say I tried, but I know that I was thinking more of myself than of him. My Valentine’s Day poem this year was entirely self-indulgent, an exercise in rhythm and rhyme. He didn’t get it.

I wanted to write something nice. Honestly. I really did. But I was tired and cranky and not feeling it. (Sorry, hon.) I had decided not to bother writing anything when I had the idea. How fun! I could write a poem with each line rhyming Be My Valentine without ever saying the words. Better yet: I could rhyme each word! That was the moment Valentine’s Day switched from being about him to being about me. (He might argue it’s always about me, and he’d probably be right, but for the sake of this post, let’s pretend I’m normally better than that.)

It was harder than I expected (and so, more fun). I grabbed my notepad and wrote down all the words I could think of for each rhyme. Then I started combining and recombining until I ran out of things that seemed plausible enough to include. So fun! I couldn’t wait to post it.

I let a few days go by before mentioning it to him. I knew it wasn’t conventional, not a traditional love poem, but I had thought maybe a few people would appreciate it for what it was. Nope. So I casually mentioned it to my husband before bed. He promised to read it. I read it out loud to my daughter. I had to explain it to her. She thought it was serious, and wasn’t sure what to make of it. No! It was fun. Remember fun? That’s when you play with words and rhythm and make them into silly poems.

“I didn’t get it either.”
“But I even put Be My Valentine in the tags.”
“I don’t read tags.”

Oh well. Here’s the version I didn’t use, because I thought it was too obvious:

see why stars align
see why paths entwine
see why souls combine
see why love’s so fine
see why you are mine

Be My Valentine. I guess I really do have to say it.

Always on Tuesdays


Take me in a new direction,
Spin me round and round again.
I’m tired of the road not taken.
Show me new worlds, take me in.

Introduce me to your circle,
Find me friends to call my own.
I’m tired of this endless journey,
Feeling lost and all alone.

Hold my hand and lead me further.
If I stumble, hold me fast.
I’m tired of the separation
Keeping future from the past.

Now or never, life is waiting.
Bring me with you, if you can.
I’m tired of the search for love
Within myself, without a plan.

Share your shortcuts, mark the exits,
Help me to avoid the pain.
I’m tired of this fear I feel.
Please, help me join the world again.

There’s a Chill in the Air


You told me not to go
Alone into the cold
But I didn’t listen
I never listen
I walked to find the wind
Wanting to feel its bite
Let it sting me
Freeze me
But the wind held back
I’ve been colder
You’ve seen to that
I walked, searching the sky
Begging the stars
And the darkened moon
Send the wind to chill me
Bone cold, soul frozen
Colder than my heart
You told me not to go
As you handed me my coat
You told me not to go
But never asked me to stay
I walked to find the wind
Not a way back to love
But warmth won
Love held back the wind