I’ll Send Flowers to Myself


Crowded room, mixed voices murmur,
Restless mourners can’t sit still.
Open casket for the bravest,
Those who can withstand the chill.

Most ignore you lying peaceful
Laid out like a china doll.
They chat and fidget, check the clock—
Your time is up, but is that all?

How can you command attention?
Make them hear your silent screams.
Their tears flow freely for themselves—
Your life to them was but a dream

Quickly fading, half-remembered.
Life continues though you sleep.
No one questions who has died.
It’s not your loss that makes them weep.

Wake them from their dismal musings!
Most of them don’t know your name.
Throw a party, not a funeral.
Embrace your life! It’s all a game.

Feel the blood rush through your body,
Sit up tall, repent your lies.
Don’t bury all you have to give—
Insist your life be recognized.


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