This Old House


Old paper hid the
Cracks and kept the walls
From crumbling down,
It peeled off with the
Slightest tug.
Never made a sound.

Sometimes the healing
Can’t begin until
The walls are bare.
Expose what’s hiding
Show yourself what’s there.

The house is old, but
Solid still; no need
To knock it down.
The walls are worn, though
Worth the work.
Keep them holding strong.

Assess the damage,
Contemplate your past,
Then clean those wounds.
Seal up the cracks, and
Patch the holes.
Wash away the gloom.

Don’t give up now
Before the work is done.
Peel away the old;
Your restoration has begun.


I Wish I Knew


Tell me my name
I’ve forgotten again
I knew it when
I got here long ago
My parents changed it
My brothers ignored it
My sister said it
It wasn’t that important

Tell me my name
Not what they call me
Behind my back
Yes, I know about that
Not what I call myself
When no one can hear
I would be kinder if
I could remember

Tell me my name
The one the trees sigh
As I walk past
The name my cat uses
When she blinks
And the ocean hides
In its roaring laugh
The name the moon hums
Only when it’s full

Tell me that name
You knew it when we
First met, I saw it
In your eyes
But it’s gone now
And the children have grown
And forgotten too
What every infant knows
Our true names

Feeling Caught in a Whirlwind


Breath move slowly
Help me pause and
Gain control
Of this situation
This life

My thoughts chafe
All friction
And fusion
Without you I cannot
Break free

Glide smoothly
Past rough edges
Jagged with pain
Where I’ve torn myself
From love

Quiet my screams
Like a firm hand on
A quivering string
Silence these notes
Held long

Remind me gently
I am spirit
I am air
The space, the gap

Breath move slowly
Help me recognize
Each open moment
Every silent choice
My life

Feeling Hopeful


Look! A fresh bouquet
Grown in sunshine and warm earth.
Don’t pick the flowers.

Don’t pick the flowers.
Let the earth hold your bouquet.
The flowers pick you.

One Small Love


Sit underneath the stars with me,
Gaze backwards through eternity.
Seek out one spot in all the sky,
That certain glow, the you and I.

Sit under stars with black surround,
Tell stories of the worlds you found.
Surprise me with a star bouquet
Plucked from those fields so far away.

Take my hand so we can run
Through galaxies from sun to sun,
With arms outspread, hearts open wide,
We’ll find what God has tried to hide.

Sit underneath the stars with me,
Lie back, the view is alchemy.
We’re stardust, light and darkness twined,
One ageless life, one love, one mind.

I’m Not Alone


Did I stand on the edge
Of eternity, cautiously
Dipping one toe,

Testing the waters,
While you jumped in
With both feet?

What a puddle, this life,
Such a splash you’ve made.
And me, no more than a ripple.

Did you hold my hand
As we watched this puddle
Form, big enough for two?

Will we sit together
Later in sunshine waiting
For the next rainy day?