Sometimes I’d Prefer a Moat


When I rebuild,
I’ll add a wrap-around porch,
Old fashioned and large.

I’ll add rocking chairs,
And little tables,
Inviting lazy conversation

And frequent visiting
Behind a sturdy rail
In the shade.

We used to laugh at storms,
Until this one. No act of God.
There’s nothing natural

About such disasters.
Everything lost in one gust,
All the memories of who

We were to each other.
I didn’t believe the warnings.
No one ever gets that right.

I will rebuild this heart,
Tired of sitting in
The remains of us.

And I’ll add a porch,
So I can invite love near
Without letting it in,

Offer it a place to sit
And visit with a cold
Drink in the shade.

Welcome, but not so close
That the next storm
Takes everything.