Just Passing Through


Gold in the air
A postcard view
I can’t afford

No mountaintop
locked gate
manicured lawn

Needing someone
else’s hands
in my dirt

Leaving me too
busy seeking
gold in the world

Earning the right
to own a view
I can’t enjoy

I’m giving up for the morning and posting this anyway. I’ve been playing with it long enough and just can’t finish it. The thought doesn’t feel complete. There’s something there that I like, but I’m not saying what I really want to say.

I was driving through part of the state last week that made me long to move in one breath, and happy that I can’t in the next. There’s a part of me that would love to own property with a sweeping view, but I can’t imagine what I would have to do to pay for it. Would I ever be home to enjoy it? Would I have time to play in my own yard? Do my own gardening? What is the real cost of such a life?

I can lie on my back in my own yard and enjoy an equally stunning view of the sky if I look up, not out at my neighbors’ homes. There’s a vastness there just waiting for me to notice it. And if I really want that mountain view I can take a drive and enjoy being in it without feeling the need to possess it. Right?