Letting Go Is Hard


I walked you to the edge of my world
And watched as you stepped beyond.
I wanted to hold your hand,
Go with you, but my world ends here,
And there is no place for me in yours.

So I watched you walk alone, beyond
My borders, into the unexplored,
Hoping you’d stop and wave,
At least once, before I lost you
Forever. You never looked back.

I waited as the sun wrapped
Her long arms around you one last
Time and hugged you close,
While I stood at the edge of my world
And said a quiet thanks to the god

Who trusted me with you this far.
Be well on your journey, my love.
Be happy and safe and strong.
And when you reach the edge of your world,
Remember that I once walked with you,

As far as I could, and held your hand
Tightly, before ever letting go.