It Can Hurt to Heal


I walked around my heart
looking for a way in
the smallest opening
the slightest crack
I could feel the fullness
through thick walls
throbbing and humming
what was trapped needed
to be free
so I took your knife and
cut deeply to let
the blood run
cut more to let
the pain flow
and with each cut
my heart opened
wider and wider
until the walls shattered
and all that remained
was love


Sometimes Only Rhyming Breaks the Blocks


I asked my younger self to please reveal
The secrets that she buried while I slept,
The truths that forged this life, not made of steel.
She looked at me so sweetly as she wept.
The answers that I seek, she says, aren’t mine
To find in waking hours. What I seek
Is hidden from the daylight by design:
Listen to the night, let darkness speak.
I strain to hear the whispers of my soul;
For guidance and direction both, I pray.
But silence greets my thoughts, demands a toll
My waking self cannot afford to pay.
I close my eyes and drift back into sleep,
Where ageless self in dreams all secrets keep.