Maybe the Ocean Knows


Far away, far as oceans roll,
Where thunder greets the morn
With lighting bolts not held in
Tired hand or thrown by angry gods,
You wander, singing songs of love.

Why seek this love, I wonder
As I listen to each mournful note.
Your voice cracks and your lips bleed
But still you sing, and I am haunted by
This thunder rolling ocean lightning love.

Is this why we are here? I beg you tell,
Grabbing the hem of your thin shirt,
See-through in the salt spray from
Ocean and rain and tears, as you sing
Your aching heart to the sky.

Tell me, please, is this the why of life?
This haunting love, this terrible ache
You offer to the storm? Is this the reason
We have come to this desolate place alone?
To find each other for one brief moment?

To be rocked by thunder and feel that
Lightning jolt, that sudden understanding,
And the salt-sting ache as love rolls in
And out with the tide, leaving each of us
Always alone again in the storm.