What Happens When I Pray


I wade into the water, no waves
today, no wind, just peace
with rocks and shells asleep
beneath a smooth sandy blanket.

I rest back into the water,
trusting it to hold me as I
float, staring at the cloud-filled
sky, hoping today god will answer.

I am here! I have come to the
water, offering my self, my life
to you, the incomprehensible,
me, alone in this ocean, but for you.

See how brave I am! how trusting!
The water ripples with your laughter
as you lift me out of myself, saying
look how close you cling to shore.

A few yards into calm water,
shallow water, believing you have
found the ocean, sheltered in a bay
afraid to leave the land,

Waist deep, you float, but can’t swim,
and your feet easily touch bottom.
Look out beyond the islands,
past the familiar horizon.
You haven’t found the ocean yet.


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