Missed One, Back At It


Sleep well, my lost and lonely one,
Your secrets I hold dear.
I walk beside you in the night;
Your dream voice calls me near.
I know the secret pain you keep
Well-hidden under sheets,
So dust and dirt can’t settle thick
Obscuring your beliefs.

You hold onto the worst of men,
The hateful ones you’ve known.
You’ve taken on their anger,
And you call their sin your own.
Contempt has filled the spaces
Where your soul has cracked and dried.
You paint a pretty face on, but
There’s too much pain to hide.

Let me sit beside you,
As you sleep under the moon.
I’ll stay until you wake again,
When spirit calls to you.
Inside your broken heart there glows
An ember. Fan that flame.
Burn away your shroud and
Rise into the light again.
You’re more than just a plaything
For the angry little men.