Hope is an Endless Dance


things are about to change
what things and how
what change and when
please, someone, shout the answers

life as we know is gone
how far we’ve strayed
what loves we’ve left
we have no cures, just cancers

dance on a polished floor
we slip and slide
the music spins
we lose our grip, it’s chaos

you, clinging to the wall
sit out the dance
hiding your face
no one is safe, we’re all lost

things are about to change
the song, the steps,
the mood, the lights
some say the party’s ending

choose not to fade away
shout your good-byes
grab one last drink
it’s time we stop pretending

the dance doesn’t end at dawn
the songs play on
the world still turns
you sit, but we’re still spinning

all of us, fly through space
no saving grace,
just us, just life
each end a new beginning