Politics Is Getting To Me


Such greedy old men hoarding all the gold,
Believing they alone deserve the best.
They rape the earth and plunder, feeling bold—
Their hardened hearts are sicker than the rest,
Those beating faintly in the nation’s breast.
A country bleeding out, its children grieve
A dying nation murdered by these thieves.

Maybe things aren’t really this bad. Maybe I’m overreacting, having a bad day. I don’t know. Lately, it seems that greed is winning, and I don’t recognize the country I grew up in. I haven’t always identified myself as a liberal. I’ve preferred to maintain an independent status, moderate, sometimes conservative fiscally. But lately? I feel pushed to the extremes in response to this unbridled avarice that seems to be the driving force behind the current administration. I think I need to disconnect from the news and read a good book.