Twice Around the Lake is One Mile


Back to woods and water, trees and sky,
Searching for this god you say is real.
I walk in circles, going nowhere fast.

I walk in circles. Is your god nearby?
Do angels gather thoughts I drop? I feel
Alone out here, just walking through my past.

Alone out here, with hawk and butterfly,
And fishermen who sit with rod and reel,
Praying to their gods with every cast.

Praying to their gods, to ask them why
They hide themselves, refusing to reveal
Who will win, and who will come in last.

Who will win this race to god? Will I?
I beg your god; I borrow theirs; I steal.
I need to find my own god, unsurpassed.

I need to find the god I hope is real.
We’ll walk in circles, going nowhere fast.