Don’t Give Up


it’s not true
there’s nothing you
can say
not true you can’t
reach me here in
the darkness
i’m listening
even when i can’t speak

no, i won’t cheer up
or look on the
bright side
there is no bright
side here

try again

i won’t get over it
or snap out of it
or try harder
frustration noted
take your own

move on

no, i don’t want
to talk to someone
pour my soul out
to a stranger who
watches a clock
getting paid
to listen

keep going

you say you love me
in that tone
i shake my head
and let your love
bounce back to you

don’t give up

what can you say?

say that you see me
here in the darkness
and it’s ok
that i’m sad for now
because you remember
the good times for me
and will keep them safe
until i return

please mean it

say that you’ll be
that you remember me
in the light
that you’ll hold
onto those memories
for both of us

keep us alive

most of all
tell me i matter
that you want me
to stay
even this me
sad me and broken
say that life is
better with any
version of me in it
than it would be
if i were gone
or had never been

i just want a reason to stay