Just Because I Avoid It, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There


I buried you
under years of dry earth
no tears

but I marked your grave
so I can find it later

when I’m ready
when I have time

to fall into your grave
and be buried with you
there under the dry earth

holding you again
till what’s left of you
the memory of you

and my tears float me
to the surface

or my anger claws
through earth and rock
leading me back to the sun

however long it takes
more than this day
or the next

so I drive by
dropping flowers
to say

I haven’t forgotten
where I left you
how to find you

and one day
we will meet again

when I and grief
holding hands
dive deep

into the dry earth


I Need Sleep


Another restless night with little sleep.
I stare into the dark, but do not weep.
Alone, an empty room, a starless sky,
A world devoid of decency, just my
Growing fear that all of us will reap

This harvest. As the horrors pile deep,
The cost is great. Resistance isn’t cheap.
These thoughts and more are all that occupy
Another restless night.

How can we know what promises we’ll keep,
When truth bleeds out, and lies, relentless, creep
Into good minds that can’t identify
What’s right from wrong? How can we justify
The urge to close our eyes, remain asleep?
Another restless night.

I Prefer Trains


A two-hour flight takes six
You stop and switch planes
Waste time in airports
Layover in cities you hate

You say it’s cheaper
It’s what’s available
You waited too long to book
Everyone is doing it

I say it’s your life
Why are you waiting
Fly direct and save yourself
Stop making excuses

You’ll Still Hit Traffic, or Construction


take the long way
round and round
twisting my words
step by step
you don’t mind
the distance
avoid the path
well-worn long ago
heart to heart
take the long road
to get where you
need to be
away from here
from me
your footsteps echo
in the silence
you’re avoiding
nothing but the pain
we cause ourselves
taking the long way