Wrestling With Demons


Afraid in the night
Alone with the echoes
In an empty house
I pray my mother’s prayers
Afraid to reach for the light

What grabs at my hand
From the darkness
Who whispers my name
From the shadows
In this empty room

Afraid of the mirrors
More than one face
Stares back at me
I pray my mother’s prayers
Taught to me as a child

Taught to me so I
Would fear the night
And the faces in the mirror
And the shadows on my soul
And the whispers of truth

My mother’s prayers
Echoes in an empty house


Even If It’s Only a Whisper


The tale I want
To tell’s not mine
You own it
I have no right
My truths are lies
You say you
Can’t condone it
But sin and shame
And secrets hide
And sharpen over time
The tale is yours
The wound and pain
Are mine

Mothers stab their
Fathers slash their
sons and yet
We hold our own
Blades in our teeth
Pretending we forget
There’s poison on
Your tongue, they lie
Spit or swallow
You’ll still die
If you don’t ask
They’ll never tell
you why

The tale I want
To tell’s not mine
They own it
The warp of truth
The families twist
But generations wove it
Speak the secrets
Sin and shame
Abused, abuser
Pick a name
Save your frightened
Children from the same
Tell the tale
We all can share
The blame